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Editor’s Note: No Mercy/No Malice is a column from Professor Scott Galloway, where he shares various reflections on business, tech, and life each week.

The U.K. Parliament released a trove of emails illuminating the inner workings of Facebook. I believe the navel-gazing around “what to do” about Zuck and Sheryl Sandberg has become ridiculous. Each day, a different media outlet calls me and asks, “What can Mark and Sheryl do?” Failing to put in place safeguards to ensure your business isn’t weaponized by a foreign government and then lying to the public and your board render a simple solution: they can be fired. However, we’ve now entered the pile-on phase, where everything the social media firm does is cast in a negative light.

I’ve read through most of the emails released by the U.K. Parliament. My reaction? “So what?” The email getting the most play is a dialogue between Zuck and a Facebook executive agreeing to restrict video app Vine’s access to the Facebook API, making life much harder for the Twitter property. Yes, they practice full-contact capitalism and do anything they can to kill their competitors. As they should. What the articles conveniently omit is that Twitter, a few months before, restricted Instagram’s access to Twitter’s friend-finder feature — so they did the same thing to Facebook. It’s not Facebook’s culture of competition that’s the problem, but their culture of corruption, which is a function of monopolies