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In India, from the beginning of the Islamic era, that is, around 8th century, Persian was the official language of royal court. With the passage of time Islamic rulers extended their boundries and annexed whole India, but the communication with local habitants became tougher day by day. It was due to the language barrier as different rulers came up with their native languages and Persian was considered as a difficult language of elite class.

In 11th century under the Khilji regime, Urdu language was originated for common people interactions, especially for the soldiers. Within three centuries the language gained tremendous popularity and became favourite language of many authors because of a common approach. The dialect and essence of Urdu is a mixture of different Indian Languages like-KHADI BOLI,HINDVI,BRAJ,AWADHI & OTHERS.
After partition of India Urdu became the official language of Pakistan, but its magic continues to be same in India even in 21st century. Nowadays young generation loves to express its deep feelings through urdu couplets without knowing the meaning of some words (alfaaz).
We have come up with a short duration course of Urdu language where you can learn to speak, read and write Urdu with correct pronunciation.
One never can understand the beauty of this language without learning it, so grab the advantage of modern technology and learn URDU ONLINE.


Today, Radio Jockey as a career has emerged to a great degree with the rise in Radio Industry. From the trending Bollywood story to the cricket scores, from the latest news to the classical & the latest music, Radio Jockeys of the contemporary radio industry has reached to the millions of listeners through the airwaves of FM Radio.

Radio Jockeying is the only position in which you get recognition by your voice. It’s a fulfilling and exciting career prospect for those that love entertaining the listeners by speaking, playing music, broadcasting the messages in a most delightful and charming style. The role of the radio jockeys also involves manage contests, broadcasting the audio advertisements, fulfilling the request of the listeners, provide information regarding traffic, weather, movies, music, events, interview guests, and so on. Each successful Radio Jockey has their own personality and way of communicating with the audience. Apart from the excellent communication skills and a good voice, an RJ should be equally spontaneous, open, friendly, and dynamic.


At first glance, it seems like anyone could do voice over work. You just talk into a microphone and people pay you, right? Yes and no.
Professional voice actors or voice talent do indeed speak into microphones and get paid. And they make it look easy. But they didn’t just walk in off the street and start booking voice over jobs. Learning to be a successful voice actor is not as simple as it looks. Professional voice actors invest time and money to get their voice over career rolling. There are a few steps you must take to go from having an interest in voice overs to having a career in voice acting.
It’s smart to consider the costs of doing professional voice overs. There is training to pay for, gear to buy and demos to produce. And there is a huge investment of your time learning the craft. Let’s take a look at what you will need to get started on an amazing career in voice acting.


Writing a Film/TV/TVC script needs professional touch to execute easily while shooting.
There is a particular pattern in professional scripts which help Film Directors to imagine final result on the silver screen,if a screenwriter knows how to present his/her work to production houses then he/she gets proper response from leading filmmakers.
So Join us to fulfil your long desire as a screenwriter & find out your hidden quality which help you to establish your name as a creative/content/screenplay writer in glamour world


It’s just not about giving your voice, but you have to laugh, cry and pause at the right time and speak in the right tone. A dubbing artist has to really get into the character and live the character to make the dubbing perfect. He/she has to understand the character, tone of the language of the character etc. One can master in this by the practice of pronunciations, diction and learning to adapt voice over to different situations. A dubbing/voice over artist must be able to do characters ranging from different ages and sex to animals and various personalities.
While not the run-of-the-mill career choice for most, voice over or dubbing has steadily become a promising career for those who have the aptitude for it. With the growing market, the demand for experienced and professional voice over artist in India has been on the rise.

Advertisement Films,Music Album & Film Making

Every year a huge crowd of young generation gets attracted towards film making business and wants to become a part of this industry, but is unacquainted with film or video album making.
Like any other production or manufacturing unit this industry needs number of equipment, raw material & technicians to make a finished product- FILM. When the newcomers enter this business, they get puzzled and start finding a right channel to explore the possibilities.
Just imagine- How easy it will be for you to make a right choice in your career if you are well versed with the basic infrastructure of film-making business!
So we are here help you to learn minute details of film making under the mentioned stages of production-
a) Pre production
b) Production
c) Post production